Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama has won the elections. There are lessons in this for personal change and development

Barack Obama was not new to U.S. politics. He has been on the seen for a very long time. There are lessons in his success as a presidential candidate. I don't talk about how he succeeded. I want to talk about people who thought that he is not going to win the presidential election. Those naive, too optimist people who try to make themselves look tough and pessimist.

Last week, I had a phone conversation with a friend about how hard or how almost impossible it is to become a famous, successful blogger. I had this discussions often in my office during my coaching sessions. People love to argue about how impossible a certain achievement is. Their argument is destined to fail. Because for every position, job, statue they argue about, there is somebody or masses of people that have achieved it.

Evaluate those arguments: "It is so difficult to get elected for presidency. So difficult that it is impossible". This is plain wrong. Obama is the 44th president of U.S. which means there have been people elected 44 times for presidency. How come that this is impossible?

"It is so hard to get an acceptance from Harvard University. So hard that it is impossible." If it is impossible, how come that there are still people, students, graduates in Harvard?

It's painful to see some people who don't see themselves worthy enough of achieving something particular. More painful to see that they think the same for everybody they keep in touch. Friends, family, colleagues. Anybody who say hello to them become an ordinary people, immediately. This is really very interesting. This is a self-worth issue that often extends to everybody those people know in person. Because they see themselves less worthy than any other people on earth and then they see people they know as their extensions so much that it is impossible for them to be worthy.

I'll try to discuss this issue this week.