Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social violence harms people deeper than physical violence

I recently read a post from Rebellious Arab Girl about traditions and close mindedness.

Her post reminded me of the deep difficulty that stems from social violence. Social violence is not recognized as much as physical violence. There is even no article about it on Wikipedia.

When you are confronted with physical violence, it is very obvious that the other party is misbehaving. You have physical evidence for that. In social violence however, you have no physical evidence of the harm you get.

For instance, Stockholm Syndrome, in my opinion, is mostly caused by social violence. This is a phenomena of the human mind.

I wrote several times that I see no difference between the physical and the metaphysical. Here, I would like to remind you the same non-sense distinction that we make between when someone is yelling you and someone is hitting you. When someone beats you, we find this more serious in comparison to shouting, yelling (that is social violence, in the sense of opposite of the physical), etc.

In fact, both are types of violence and both are equally serious in results. Social violence maybe more harmful because it is simply not visible.

photo credits: voltio