Friday, July 25, 2008

Religious intolerance in Canada

This is something happening in Toronto, Canada in the year 2008. Not a hundred years or a thousand years ago. To see religious intolerance in this age is interesting. This also means that humanity does not show progress in civilization just because time is passing.

Organizers of the Miss Toronto Tourism pageant for 2008 invited Stephanie Conover, 23, (Miss Canada Plus 2007) to be one of their judges. In an unusual show of religious bigotry, they later decided that she was unfit to serve as a judge because of her hobbies. Director of the Miss Toronto Tourism pageant notes that hers is a private organization, receives no government funds and thus can discriminate on any grounds that they wish. Public reaction to their decision was intensely negative.

Ms Conover is the first known beauty queen who is openly Neopagan.

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