Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yet another reality tunnel

Last year, I was searching articles on quantum physics. I found a book called Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson. In a part of that book, he was talking about something he called "reality tunnels". He says that everybody abstracts a different reality. He pointed to the fact that when a person comes into a room, she abstracts the reality she is prepared to abstract.

He doesn't mean that we are just dreaming. He just means that there are maybe thousands pieces of things in a room and everybody sees and perceives different tens of things in a room.

Having said that, let's come to my reality tunnel. This is a blog I have created to express my reality tunnel. I can say that I've got plenty of blogging experience. Recently, I came across some technical problems with my self-hosted wordpress blogs and I saw that as a clear sign telling me to start something new. This starting something new was in my mind for a long time. Maybe this is the time to start.