Thursday, June 19, 2008

moodr: what's in a name?

Well, I named this blog moodr for several reasons. One basic reason is, when I bought the domain name moodr, this r like in flickr, zoomr, etc. was very popular in the sense of web 2.0 but that was just the explanation for the r part.

Let's come to the mood of moodr.

I observed myself and other people for years. I have seen that we all act in certain moods and this mood is changeable all the time. I have never been a deterministic person. I never had this deterministic perspective. So I don't mean that we don't act according to will. I mean that we are mostly unaware of what we want, what we feel, how we behave according those wants and our will. We just act in a certain way and this certain way "constantly differs". Every mood has its own memory and personality (characteristics). This is why you behave different when you are spending time with your parents and when you are spending time with your friends. Moods are different.

Moods also change by time. By those changes in mood, I am not talking about multiple personality disorder or I am not talking about mood disorder. Those changes are experienced by everybody and every time.

So, moreover, our moods determine our reality. They determine the reality we perceive. Monday syndrome is something you experience according to your mood. Its not because it is Monday. Its because of your mood. The effect of weather on your feeling changes according to your mood. You don't always feel miserable under a stormy night and you don't always feel happy under a sunny, shiny day.

Therefore, moodr. :)