Friday, June 20, 2008

Debugging the perception about mysticism

Well, there are many things in my mind that I would like to share here. Before that, I feel the need to debug your perspective.

When somebody talks about anything mystic, there is this naive realism which takes people away from freeing their mind and understand what is told.

Of course there are many nonsense piece of articles that deals with really stupid stuff. This is one reason why this corrupt perspective emerges.

One argument is that some people are interested in mystic, occult knowledge because they are not happy in life. For some people, this may be true but not for everybody.

Another argument is that what is told is not compatible with science. This argument is so poor. People that do not follow contemporary science, usually evaluate mystical thinking according to past scientific knowledge. This past scientific knowledge is mainly based on Newtonian thinking.

People need to be aware of contemporary science. Modern physicists like Fred Alan Wolf, Amit Goswami and many other scientists claim that traditional science is not able to research and understand many of its recent findings.

Contemporary science clearly tells us that we need a new way of thinking, new perspectives.

So, be warned :) What I tell here time to time may disturb your reality but there is a high probability that what I tell you is the newest truth that we have :)