Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amit Goswami talks about Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Here is an interview with Amit Goswami, in three parts from Youtube.


stickynoteblog is a new video blog on youtube. Go see it. This is Elle from Canada, she is 19 and she is really creative. Here is her latest video in which she announces her twitter account:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Debugging the perception about mysticism

Well, there are many things in my mind that I would like to share here. Before that, I feel the need to debug your perspective.

When somebody talks about anything mystic, there is this naive realism which takes people away from freeing their mind and understand what is told.

Of course there are many nonsense piece of articles that deals with really stupid stuff. This is one reason why this corrupt perspective emerges.

One argument is that some people are interested in mystic, occult knowledge because they are not happy in life. For some people, this may be true but not for everybody.

Another argument is that what is told is not compatible with science. This argument is so poor. People that do not follow contemporary science, usually evaluate mystical thinking according to past scientific knowledge. This past scientific knowledge is mainly based on Newtonian thinking.

People need to be aware of contemporary science. Modern physicists like Fred Alan Wolf, Amit Goswami and many other scientists claim that traditional science is not able to research and understand many of its recent findings.

Contemporary science clearly tells us that we need a new way of thinking, new perspectives.

So, be warned :) What I tell here time to time may disturb your reality but there is a high probability that what I tell you is the newest truth that we have :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

moodr: what's in a name?

Well, I named this blog moodr for several reasons. One basic reason is, when I bought the domain name moodr, this r like in flickr, zoomr, etc. was very popular in the sense of web 2.0 but that was just the explanation for the r part.

Let's come to the mood of moodr.

I observed myself and other people for years. I have seen that we all act in certain moods and this mood is changeable all the time. I have never been a deterministic person. I never had this deterministic perspective. So I don't mean that we don't act according to will. I mean that we are mostly unaware of what we want, what we feel, how we behave according those wants and our will. We just act in a certain way and this certain way "constantly differs". Every mood has its own memory and personality (characteristics). This is why you behave different when you are spending time with your parents and when you are spending time with your friends. Moods are different.

Moods also change by time. By those changes in mood, I am not talking about multiple personality disorder or I am not talking about mood disorder. Those changes are experienced by everybody and every time.

So, moreover, our moods determine our reality. They determine the reality we perceive. Monday syndrome is something you experience according to your mood. Its not because it is Monday. Its because of your mood. The effect of weather on your feeling changes according to your mood. You don't always feel miserable under a stormy night and you don't always feel happy under a sunny, shiny day.

Therefore, moodr. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yet another reality tunnel

Last year, I was searching articles on quantum physics. I found a book called Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson. In a part of that book, he was talking about something he called "reality tunnels". He says that everybody abstracts a different reality. He pointed to the fact that when a person comes into a room, she abstracts the reality she is prepared to abstract.

He doesn't mean that we are just dreaming. He just means that there are maybe thousands pieces of things in a room and everybody sees and perceives different tens of things in a room.

Having said that, let's come to my reality tunnel. This is a blog I have created to express my reality tunnel. I can say that I've got plenty of blogging experience. Recently, I came across some technical problems with my self-hosted wordpress blogs and I saw that as a clear sign telling me to start something new. This starting something new was in my mind for a long time. Maybe this is the time to start.